Black Angus
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HAT Ranch, Inc.
2261 B Avenue
Coon Rapids, IA 50058
Ph:   (712) 684-5216
Fax: (712) 684-5509
Call or email us for more details about our current herd bulls or their sons on test!
Since the late 1950's we have bred, used and sold "common sense" Angus bulls with balance in calving ease, growth, milk, and carcass traits. Today we are working off of a cow base that is strong in "Scotch Cap" breeding, and have added "Windy" bulls for calving-ease and extreme docility.  The "Time" bulls were added to continue the easy calving, moderate frame, and nice muscle expression.  The "Rito" influence has brought us a very efficient animal with super fleshing ability and great mothers.  Bulls "RW 0022", "MT TIME", "RITO NOVELTY", and "MEMENTO" all have EXT sired dams.  Looking into the future, we will be using our up-and-coming bull "0506" as well as our old "Optima" bull.
We always have yearlings, 18 month olds, and 2 year olds for sale!
Our Red Angus herd got their start in 1994 with the purchase of Wyoming-raised open females that had a strong base of "Panhandle", "Beckton", and "Leachman" influence. The bull "Norman" was created using cows in Wyoming bred to HAT RANCH's black Angus herdsire Monarch, a know carrier of the red gene.  After the use of bulls like "Mr. Brenner", his son "Harley" ,and "Eva's Canyon".... We have now found ourselves back around in the gene pool again with Norman and Monarch.  Our herdsires today... Chateau and Red Windy both carry the Monarch/Norman influence which will produce fertile cows that stay in the herd for ages. 
Red Angus
Powell W20
Coal Country
N Bar Prime Time D806