HAT Trax is an internet based, individual animal record management system, which allows producers to collect, enter, store, manage, and transfer animal data.  This data can be shared by any segment of the livestock industry and can be both sent and received by the centralized database system.
The system incorporates electronic and visual identification for each animal record.  The electronic ID tag is the essential tool in which the matching of data to a specific animal is accomplished.
Once your herd is established into the HAT Trax system, you can do filtering, sorting, and benchmarking against your herd or all animals represented with the HAT Trax system.  There are upwards of 650 different fields available in the HAT Trax system across different categories such as herd inventory, herd averages, health, breeding, carcass, feedlot, and transfer information.
Any Producer can participate in the HAT Ranch system by registering through a HAT Ranch rep or by contacting the HAT Ranch directly.
EID Button
Norma using the scanning wand to get information from the EID button to her palm.
Taking records to input into HAT Trax
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