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HAT Ranch
2261 B Avenue
Coon Rapids, IA 50058
Norma Olesen

Norma has been a vital part of the HAT Ranch operations for nearly 20 years, doing bookkeeping, cattle data entry, as well as assisting with record keeping at processing time. She is the central hub of the "HATTRAX" system and is glad to answer any questions you may have.
Owner: Doug Honold

Doug has been breeding purebred Angus cattle since 1958, and purebred Tarentaise cattle since 1986. His dedication and love for the breed keeps him busy in making better genetic cattle, geared for calving ease and meat production. To date, he travels up to twelve different states and is more than happy to stop at your farm or ranch for a visit.  Doug and his wife Linda have three sons Jeff, Cory, and Michael. They are also proud grandparents to six grandchildren who keep them busy.
Western Contact Representative: Les Haight

Les and his wife Kay have bred cattle and horses for many years, on the Haight family ranch south of Gillette, WY which was homesteaded in 1902. His purebred Tarentaise cows are now at the HAT RANCH on lease to Michael. You can contact Les at (307) 689-1563
Michael Honold

Michael grew up in the HAT RANCH system having purchased his first Angus cow at age 7 and his first Tarentaise cow at age 9.  He runs the day-to-day operations at the HAT RANCH and has part ownership in the herd.  He also plays a key role in the genetic selection, internet marketing, and sales.  Stop by the ranch or call... He would be glad to show you around.  Michael's wife Jill helps on the ranch as well as with the website. They have two children, Heath and Leah.
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